The start of something beautiful

This is the first post that I want to put up on this blog. It is an open letter to my friend and business partner Phil.

Dear Philip,

Sometimes it is painfully hard to start something. To start writing for this blog, for example, felt surprisingly hard to me. There is so much to say, so much to create, so many subjects to chose from.

Should I write about building a beautiful company, where people can live a good life while investing there time and effort into meaningful and relevant work? Or how about lifelong learning, the crucial importance of continuous learning for humanity, the many misperceptions of learning, or tremendous opportunities to fall in love with learning again? How about the adventure to create a business and turn this idea into reality?

I do intend to write about all these topics here but the task to single out one of those for the first post felt harder than expected.

Why is it that sometimes starting something can also be easy? Starting the Beautiful Company with you felt surprisingly easy. It was easy right from the start when we first talked about the idea. For years we were both already avid lifelong learners, reading books, listening to podcasts, visiting conferences. We both pursued the quest for knowledge. We experienced first hand that valuable knowledge was on the one side so readily available on the internet and on the other side so painfully buried in noise, unknown territory, marketing messages, or just wrong or even bad ideas. We both saw the necessity and the opportunity to change that.

The next thing I know is that it is already months in that we are working on this mission, developing the learning system, building the prototype for Trickle, creating content for an effortless way to learn. Every day is exciting and rewarding at the same time. We are on the way and that feels damn good. We have many challenges in front of us but we are also determined to find a way to make it work. But it still feels easy to stay on that path.

I guess when you believe in something, when you know deep from your heart and your mind why you are doing something meaningful, then on some important level it becomes easier to do. Especially when you are not alone, when you feel understood and safe and empowered to make this work. Thank you for that, Phil! I know that this is the start of something beautiful!

And suddenly it felt easy to write this blog article 🙂