Phil’s story

I consider myself an autodidact, but not to place myself in a category of self-taught geniuses. I just love learning new things and figuring stuff out on my own. I don’t think this makes me special. I think almost everyone has the capacity to be self-taught, but many people just haven’t yet figured out how. That’s my motivation for being part of this project: I think we can help people rekindle their curiosity and learn more.

I grew up in Canada, but I’ve been living in Europe for over 20 years and am currently based in Munich. I’m a dedicated husband and father of two three. I spent over a decade as a strategic management consultant and leading strategy teams in the telecommunications industry, getting very familiar with the intricacies of corporate boardrooms and processes. I thrived because I enjoy getting my head around complex problems and thinking through solutions. But deep down I knew I could never forgive myself if I never made an attempt at starting a business and dedicating myself to something meaningful. So here I am.

“Phil’s determination and grit have always impressed me. While I procrastinated during tough university assignments, he focused until the job was done, always achieving exceptional results. It’s no wonder that he rose so quickly in his professional career at Deloitte and Telefonica. His professional experience equips him perfectly to grow a small business. He combines quiet competence of a proud introvert with analytical power and strong judgement. Phil is also a man of amazing character, who would do anything for his family, friends or teammates. I enjoy talking to him about interesting new topics, because his curiosity always leads him to dig deeper and fully grasp a subject. “

—Achim about Phil

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