Achim’s story

As a child of the ’80s, I experienced technology evolving first hand. I swapped out my computer and gaming console as often as I upgrade my smartphone today. This technological adventure has shaped the way I think about products, systems, and technology. I was lucky to have opportunities to apply this thinking early: building the infrastructure for our growing family business and designing websites for other small businesses. After studying Business and working in IT Consulting at Accenture, I rejoined my two brothers to lead the design and product management teams of our family’s retro merchandising business. In the time I was there the business grew from €1m to over €10m of annual revenue.

I’ve been collecting digital information since the days when I traded floppy disks in the schoolyard. I’ve always felt the need to optimize the way I collected and consumed this knowledge, creating systems and automation that make it easier. That’s probably how my passion for creating a better system for lifelong learning developed.

I live in Berlin with my wife and our daughter. I spend a lot of time with my extended family who is local to the area. To balance my childhood obsession with screens, I got very interested in fitness later in life and am constantly tweaking my workout routine and nutrition.

“Achim is not your typical nerd. While his technical skills leave me looking amateurish on any day of the week, he’s also got the heart of a creative beating in his chest. He has a deep appreciation for good design and aspires to create things that live up to that ideal. He is always striving to make things better and is an endless source of creative impulses. He is the visionary behind both the Beautiful Company concept and the idea to create a lifelong learning system. Another thing that sets him apart is his concern for people, his amazing generosity and his genuine desire to make the world a better place. “

—Phil about Achim

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