Meet the Team

This is how it started

We met while studying abroad in Paris and became close friends. We’ve shared many experiences such as traveling, holidays, weddings, muddy obstacle races and indoor skydiving. But mostly we share ideas. Both of us are dedicated lifelong learners who devour books, blogs, podcasts, and talks. We’ve shared our favorites for years over email, messaging or just in discussion, but realized we were missing a way to keep track of the best knowledge we’d discovered and shared.

In 2017, we both had successful careers, but we were searching for something more meaningful. Achim had started to develop the concept for what would later become Trickle. He shared the idea and over the next few months, we agreed to found a company together. We wanted it to be something special, something worth dedicating ourselves to. In March 2018 the Beautiful Company was born.


Phil’s story

I consider myself an autodidact, but not to place myself in a category of self-taught geniuses. I just love learning new things and figuring stuff out on my own. I don’t think this makes me special. I think almost everyone has the capacity to be self-taught…

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Achim’s story

Why does an 80s computer kid get into programming, study international management and lead a retro products design team? Because he does what it takes to make great products.

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