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Are you a high-performing misfit?

We’re not trying to be insulting, we love misfits. If you’ve got great skills and achievements to prove them, but traditional organizations don’t fit your life, then Beautiful Company could be the organization for you. We’re not too interested in great logos or gaps in your CV, show us what you can do and how it can add value to our mission and we’re sure we can find an arrangement that fits.

Being in Beautiful Company

Here are some of the things we think you’ll love about working with us. You can find out more about how we work by reading the Beautiful Company operating system (BCos).

  • Be part of a unique culture dedicated to fostering lifelong learning
  • Have the autonomy and responsibility to make a big impact
  • Work from anywhere there’s a reliable internet connection
  • Design your own schedule to work when you are most productive
  • Be part of a culture that values productivity not activity


– You are endlessly curious and love to dive into new topics
– You love to write and can explain complex ideas simply
– You have the drive to create content that will inspire people to learn

We want people that will help us fill our learning platform with inspiring content.

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Back-end developer

– You are an architect and a builder of digital products.
– You’re always looking for ways to drive a better customer experience.
– You are fluent in relevant coding languages.

We want people who will help us build our lifelong learning platform.

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Freelance graphic designer

– You’ve got an instinctive sense for making things visually appealing.
– You’re always looking for ways to make things more intuitive to use.
– You are a master of digital design tools.

We want people who will help us make our platform and content easy to use and visually stunning.

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