A Beautiful Company

When Achim first suggested calling our company “Beautiful Company” I was sceptical at first. Would people think we were founding a hair salon or a cosmetics firm?

We’d talked about the concept of a beautiful company at length, but I hadn’t considered naming the company that way. I got over it.

Good branding, communication and design can overcome any confusion about what the name means. The more important challenge is what the name implies. The name is a powerful reminder of the principles and values that are at the core of the organization we are creating. It’s about holding ourselves to a higher standard, creating not just a business, but a company we’d love to work in. Why would we want to create anything else?

We’re calling it Beautiful Company, because we want to create a sustainable long-term business that enables its people to lead great lives while pursuing a purposeful mission that enriches the community the company is a part of.

This page explains in more detail what we mean by Beautiful Company and lays out the principles that we hope will help us achieve the vision. We don’t claim to have all the answers. We probably never will. But we think it’s a worthy challenge and that over time we might come close to creating something beautiful. This blog is part of the journey. We’ll use it to document and share what we’ve learned along the way.