We are building a beautiful company

A beautiful company enables its people to lead great lives while pursuing a purposeful mission. A shared set of principles guides its operation. Beautiful companies share their values and practices with the community to encourage others to be beautiful.

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Our mission is to make lifelong learning effortless.

We live in times of unprecedented change and vast opportunities. Lifelong learning is of the highest importance for everyone. In principle, knowledge is freely available and it was never easier to get hold of. But in practice it can be overwhelming and hard to find when needed. The right technology can help us to make lifelong learning effortless. We are building a system that helps people get into the habit of learning and make the most out of the vast opportunities.

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Trickle helps you cultivate a daily learning habit.

Trickle makes lifelong learning easy, effective and fun. Your own curiosity is your guide. With Trickle you choose the topics that interest you most. You get daily learning material that you can easily consume in 5-10 minutes a day. Trickle introduces you to the leading experts and best resources for digging deeper. You’ll be amazed how small but steady drips of information can develop into a significant pool of knowledge over time.

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